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MOVING Featured on Film SHortage

Moving was featured on Film Shortage as their Daily pick! 

A little short about a big move. A couple deals with the anxieties of moving.


Starring: Alex Guhde, Sarah Kaidanow
Written/Produced by: Sarah Kaidanow
Directed/DP’ed by: Shaya Mulcahy
Production Design by: Emily Rowan
Produced by: Emma Lawrence



Alex will be playing the role of Snake in The Garden of Eden, on a Beautiful Day, by Emily J. Daly at the Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Short Play Festival.

There might be plenty of Pop-Tart trees in Garden of Eden, but not all is Paradise: namely, Eve doesn’t want to date Adam and her best friend Snake won’t help her get out of it. But when God reveals some Big Plans, Eve will have to decide what she wants the rest of her eternity to be. Directed by Alex Keegan. 



The Big one-oh

Alex will be playing the role of Lorena in the reading of The Big One-Oh at the Southampton Arts Center prior to its transfer to the Atlantic Theater.. Lyrics by Dean Pitchford, Music by Doug Besterman, Libretto by Timothy Allen McDonald, Direction under MK Lawson.

Charley Maplewood has never been one for parties—that would require friends, which he doesn’t have. Well, unless you count his monster friends, but they’re only imaginary.  But now that he’s turning ten—the big one-oh—he decides to throw a birthday party for himself, complete with a “House of Horrors” theme. Of course things don’t work out as he plans. Will Charley be able to pull it together before the big one-oh . . . becomes the big OH-NO!?

2019-07-15 (2).png

Heedless Hungry Lovesick

Alex will be playing the role of Utah in Heedless Hungry Lovesick by Matthew Stephen Smith at the Drama League. 

Heedless Hungry Lovesick is a romantic epic charting 11 years in the lives of 9 characters, as they journey through young adulthood, in an unstable country headed towards revolution. The play explores how youthful passion survives—if at all—the trials of growing up in a perilous world. Heedless…is a play meant to showcase the desire and enthusiasm of young performers and places it in a political context. 

Tickets are free!


Bar DYkes @ The Flea

Alex will be making their Flea debut as Trick in BAR DYKES! 

This summer of Stonewall 50 and World Pride, The Other Side Of Silence (TOSOS), NYC’s longest-producing LGTBQ+ theater company, continues to honor our community’s history by bringing Merril Mushroom’s long-lost play, BAR DYKES, for it’s premiere on the NYC stage.

Directed by Mark Finley, the audience steps behind a nondescript door where it’ll find a very distinct clientele and world of butches and femmes.  Playwright Mushroom, drawing on her experiences as a lesbian in the Deep South and New York City in the pre-Stonewall era, transports us into the hidden subculture of lesbian society in mid-century America, and into the women and their relationships in a precarious time.

Follow 11 bar dykes as they drink, dance, date, duke it out, and grab a few undisturbed moments. BAR DYKES will be an immersive staging so the audience can experience and eavesdrop on a girls’ night out captured in time as it once was.

July 11 – August 3 at The Flea


Road HeAD: hOT fEST

Matt’s moving to LA in his 2002 Subaru! And Alex is coming with him!  Hit the road with these zany besties, as they travel across the states, confronting their queerness in a post-Drumpf American South. There will be screaming, laughing, crying, lots and lots of back-sweat… and more than a few nip slips guaranteed!

These two best friends will be be premiering their play at Dixon Place's Hot Fest, July 9th at 9PM


Tickets below!


Spring Awakening

Alex will be reprising the role of Ilse at the Secret Theatre's production of Spring awakening March 2019. 


The winner of eight Tony Awards (including Best Musical), Spring Awakening explores the journey through adolescence with poignancy and passion. It examines morality and sexual politics while unapologetically plumbing the depths of the hormonal teenage psyche in a way that feels both fresh and all too familiar. 

LOcker Room Talk

Alex will be the AD on the web-series "Locker Room Talk" alongside an all female and GNC cast and crew. 

"This was locker room talk." No matter your political leanings, no one will forget this quote. If that is what locker room talk looks like for certain men, what does it look like for women? This comedic web series examines the way that women interact with each other during the fleeting moments before and after working out: gender pay gaps, confrontation, identity, alcohol, consent- namaste, am I right?

Created by Kat Belinfante, Fiona Collinson, Sarah Kaidanow, Emma Lawrence, and Beau Ossorio, sought to create fun and meaningful work from the "comfort" of their shoebox, fifth floor walk-up. What started out as a funny premise turned out to uncover some pretty heavy truths.

Queering the Stage @ Birdland

Alex performed with the Ring of Keys at their premiere concert: Queering the stage. Featuring the members of the ROK, they bring to you a night of original music, covers and a celebration of queer artists at the iconic Birdland Stage. 


See Alex's performance from Interstate the Musical here:

Ring of keys 2.jpg


The mission of RING OF KEYS is two-fold: a visible, supportive community, as well as a hiring resource for those looking to work with professional artists who self-identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer, femme, trans, non-binary, and the diversity of genders that queerness contains.

They strive to kick (ball-change) the closet door open to create a vibrant, diverse musical theatre landscape for the future.


A pilot about the negative side effects of taking autumn too seriously.

Created by Connor Evelich and Paige Wollensak

Alex will be appearing as Liz in THE PATCH 

The Patch is a half-hour comedy pilot about people, pumpkins, and public school. When his parents’ decreasingly profitable pumpkin patch has a meager yield, Cam Green is forced to leave his private school and enter Harvest Hills High. As he navigates the corn maze that is public school politics and works his way to the top of the mulch mound, Cam discovers that everything isn’t as sweet as cider in communities that value autumn so highly.

Currently in Production.


Written by Seth Majnoon • Directed by Mimi Barcomi

*Brick’s 2018 Trans Theater Festival.*

Performing at The Brick theater July 16, 17, 21. Tickets on sale now!


Alex Guhde will be making their Brick Debut as Pilgrim

Crucifixion Sun is the final Good Friday sermon of the least repentant itinerant preacher in the Southwest, a passion play with all the moral fiber of a Western. A homeless teenager and a discredited saint journey down the I-5 highway, a landscape ridden with unscrupulous angels and reactionary congregants, who pursue the unlikely pair as they head toward the crossroads between sanctification and destitution, trying their damnedest to dodge queer martyrdom. 



The Sioux City Symphony Orchestra will present, “West Side Story” on Saturday, April 21st at 7:30 pm and Sunday April 22nd at 3 pm.

Alex Guhde will make their Debut as Anybodys in West Side Story

As part of the Bernstein @ 100 celebration, the Sioux City Sypmphony Orchestra presents, “West Side Story” like you’ve never seen it before. This modern day love story of Romeo and Juliet will feature a groundbreaking combination of staging, choreography, full orchestra and a completely digitally designed/projected set. Direction and Choreography by Christopher Murrah and Adam Fleming alongside conductor Ryan Haskins. 


Phantom of the Paradise LIVE in CONCERT with Alex Guhde as Assistant Director/Chreographer/Juicy Fruit

1974 - Having already conquered the music scene, Death Records' enigmatic impresario Swan sets his sights on something bigger than the music itself: The Paradise. After Swan steals songwriter Winslow Leach's music, intent on opening up the ultimate rock palace with it, a disfigured Winslow resurfaces to exact his revenge...

Witness a stage production of this cult-classic rock opera horror comedy with a live band! At The Secret Loft, New York's coolest underground venue



Full capacity at 54 Below

Kyle Reid Hass and Jeremy Swanton, writers of Science Fair: A Game Changing New Musical Off-Broadway, make their Feinstein’s/54 Below and New York City concert debuts! From the Heroin epidemic in Chicago to the love affairs of Sigmund Freud’s daughter, this creative team pushes to delve into new and controversial material. The young duo explore some of their recent and upcoming works, including songs from Science Fair, Mind Games & Topple, and many stand-alone favorites. A cast of friends, featuring talent from Broadway, Off-Broadway and beyond, join Hass and Swanton in welcoming them to the New York concert scene.

Tickets are available at

All Songs by Kyle Reid Hass & Jeremy Swanton
Directed by Kyle Reid Hass
Musical Arrangements by Alex Crosby
Designed by Oliver Benjoseph
Produced by Tyler Emeney, Alex Guhde (also Performing) & Passion Projects Theatre Company

Madame Pascal

"Madam Pascal" is a fictional rock 'n roll musical about Adam Pascal, the original Roger in the musical "Rent," as he struggles to make it as a musician after the show's success.  Biography meets the referential, however, as elements from "Rent," "Miss Saigon," and "Aida" weave together to create a wholly original story of race, class, gender, sexuality, and love in post-war, post-colonial, and war-time America.

Alex will be starring as the Photographer, Secretary, and Ensemble in "Madame Pascal", making their debut at Dixon Place. 

Dir. Christopher Murrah

Music and Lyrics:  Marcus S. Ricci

Libretto: Rakesh Baruah

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