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"The most interesting part of the evening was the performance by Alex Guhde as Pompey....(and) in less than a day took over the role. They were amazing. Off book, Ms. Guhde created a character that was interesting and had I not been told that this had happened, I might not have known. Bravo on a job well done."

- Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles 


      Alex Guhde is a New York City based non-binary queer theater and film maker. Orignally from Chicago, they ran to the Big Bad Apple to earn their Bachelor of Music in 2017 at NYU Steinhardt's Vocal Performance Program. 

       Alex was originally a soccer player and a competitive horseback rider, but after they starred as "the girl who steals the letter from Fantine" in Les Miserables, their love of theater was found.

       Alex made their New York Theater debut as the last minute understudy and assistant director on A Scythe of Time at the New York Musical Festival in 2016 under the direction of Broadway Director: David Alpert and alongside Olivier Award winner: Lesli Margherita. They received an honorary award from NYMF for "Outstanding Performance by a Last Minute Understudy." They made their Off-Broadway Producing Debut in the Summer of 2017 with Science Fair: A Game-Changing New Musical at Theater Row. Alex continues to perform in readings, productions, and films in the surrounding NYC area. 

      When not performing, they are 1st ADing on films in the surrounding New York area. They can usually be found adding to their exorbitant book collection, hanging with their cats, and/or screaming about the Chicago BlackHawks. Please don’t ask them if Chicago pizza is better than New York, because we all know what the answer is going to be.  

 Alex is a proud member of the Ring of Keys Collective: a collective of queer women, non-binary, and trans people in musical theater. 


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